Hi, I'm Wanda Best and I am a Medical Esthetician, a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Laser Hair Removal Professional.  I am a Spa Owner and currently practice in my spa, Beauty Nouveau Day Spa in Southlake Texas. I have been a salon owner and have worked in all areas of the beauty industry. I have dedicated my career to providing my clients with specialized services and quality beauty products.  I created Beauty Nouveau Boutique to help you find the products that are right for you.

I love to help my clients find the right treatments at home and by their skin care professional.  If you need help figuring out what you currently have is working or what is not and what you may be missing in your home care regimen, I would be happy to talk with you and get you on the right track.  Just send an email from the Contact Us page and list 3 to 4 dates and times that you would like schedule your phone consultation.  If you would like to come to Beauty Nouveau Day Spa for a treatment, you may book an appointment online at www.beautynouveau.com

You can also follow Beauty Nouveau on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, where we will let you know about special offers and new products available.  Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel for helpful instructional videos and follow my Spa Beat Show.

Thank you for visiting Beauty Nouveau Boutique and allowing us to help you will all your beauty needs and as always,

Live Beautiful. Be Beautiful.

Wanda Best

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